Carson Waterman 
         Native American Art
 Originals, Commissions, Murals, Designs and Prints 

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Carson Waterman is a Seneca Native American from the Snipe Clan. He is one of the premier artists of the Iroquois Confederacy which spans what is now known as New York State. His life and work are an important testament to the vitality of Native American art and culture today. Carson's art is a great asset to the Seneca Nation as it embodies their heritage and helps to preserve their culture. Supporting Native American artists is supporting Native American Culture.
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CONTACT - Reach Carson about purchasing prints or commissioning art. Also contact THE NATIVE ROOTS ARTISTS GUILD and meet Carson's many other friends and artists in the Seneca Nation. Contact the SENECA NATION and it's affiliates for information on tourism, gaming and culture. Contact the SENECA-IROQUOIS MUSEUM in Salamanca, New York where Carson worked for 14 years.  Contact Carson today for a customized art commission!

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